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    Legal Journals  

    American Lawyer
    A monthly general legal magazine affiliated with and with selected articles available online. 

    American Maritime Cases (AMC)
    A monthly publication founded 1923 by practicing maritime lawyers that reports decisions by United States and Canadian courts, administrative and legislative bodies, and arbitrators affecting or setting maritime law and affairs. It is available in paper copy on a subscription basis.

    American Bar Association Journal
    The monthly magazine of the ABA, with articles available online.

    The Arbitrator
    The news letter of the Society of Maritime Arbitrators in New York, which is available online.

    CMI News Letters
    The news letters of the Comite Maritime International available in .pdf format.

    Le Droit Maritime Francais
    This is a link to the information page for the journal.

    Il Diritto Maritimo
    A quarterly journal, founded in 1899 by Francesco Berlingieri senior, which is devoted to maritime law and the promotion of its international unification.

    The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
    A journal that addresses all aspects of marine (maritime) and coastal law and is available electronically via Kluwer Online

    The International Journal of Shipping Law
    A quarterly law journal on shipping law and practice, which is available by subscription.

    The Journal of International Maritime Law
    A journal published 10 times a year covering the whole range of shipping and maritime law. 

    Journal of the MLA of Australia and New Zealand
    The Association's biannual journal that is available online in .pdf format.

    Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce
    The information page for the Journal, which is a scholarly publication devoted to all aspects of admiralty and maritime law, including the law of the sea. The Journal is available in paper copy on a subscription basis. The Journal is developing an On Line Library of articles.

    Jurist - The Law Professors' Network
    The Jurist is actually more a general legal portal than a legal publication. It is notable as a site created by and for law professors, with well-thought-out legal content. 

    The Lawyer
    A UK general legal publication with online articles.

    Lloyds Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly
    The information page for the Quarterly, which covers commercial and shipping law on an international scale. It is available on a subscription basis in paper copy.

    Lloyd's Maritime Law Newsletter
    A fee based newsletter concerning shipping law with links to the Lloyd's Law Reports and coverage of London and New York arbitrations.

    Maritime Advocate
    The only legal magazine devoted to maritime law. Its archive of back editions is freely available online, with the current edition available online for subscribers only.

    Maritime Law Brief (Lloyd's List)
    An online newsletter that provides expert reports, comment and analysis on current legal issues. It is written by lawyers from the UK, US, Far East and Greece. 

    National Law Journal
    A general legal periodical affiliated with

    Ocean and Coastal Law Journal
    A student publication of the Marine Law Institute of the University of Maine that is available on a subscription basis in paper copy.

    Ocean Development and International Law
    A quarterly journal devoted to all aspects of international and comparative law and policy concerning the management of ocean use and activities. It is available online on a subscription basis.

    Revue Juridique NEPTUNUS
    The free online journal of the Center for Maritime and Ocean Law of the University of Nantes. Bulletin
    A periodical published by the Marine & Shipping Law Program at the University of Cape Town that reviews South African cases, legislation and related shipping law issues.

    Transportation Law Journal
    A student law journal published by the University of Denver, with some articles available online.

    Tulane Law Review
    The Law Review publishes the Admiralty Law Institute Symposia isssues, which are available by subscription.

    Tulane Maritime Law Journal
    The web site for this student edited journal that is available in print copy on a subscription basis.

    University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal
    The journal's homepage with subscription and content information.

    University Law Review Project
    The starting point for finding law reviews on the internet.

    Shipping Journals

    American Maritime Officer Online
    This is the magazine of the AMO, an independent national union representing licensed officers in the U.S.-flag merchant fleet.

    Bunker News
    Touted as the "World Leader" in providing bunkering information.

    Cargo Letter
    News for Air/Ocean Freight Forwarders, NVOCC's, Consolidators, etc.

    Cargo Systems
    A publication concerned with global container handling, port development, intermodalism and container technology.

    Cargoweb News
    Provides daily news for the logistics industry.

    Clarkson Shipping Intelligence Network

    A magazine for maritime e-commerce, the internet, communications, software and electronics.

    Congressional Information Bureau (CIB) Maritime Bulletin 
    Maritime news from the Congressional Information Bureau - a subscription is required.

    CQD Journal (Maritime Environment)
    News for the Maritime Environmental Industry.

    Duluth Shipping News
    Shipping news from the Great Lakes.

    The online version of this well-known publication - a subscription is required for access to most information.

    Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping News


    Jane's High Speed Marine Transportaion News

    Journal of Commerce

    Journal of Maritime Research

    Lloyd's List

    Marine Digest

    Marine Link

    Marine Log

    Marine Money

    Maritime Review (

    National Fisherman

    Ocean Yearbook

    Oil Spill Intelligence Report

    Professional Mariner Magazine

    Reed's Almanac

    River Industry Bulletin Board

    Seafarers' Log


    Shipping International

    The Shipping Times (Singapore)


    Traffic World

    Transport News
    - Ocean News

    USCG Marine Safety Council Proceedings

    Vessel & Facilities Compliance News

    Wavy Line (includes the email newsletter Bow Wave)

    Weekly Piracy Report
    Articles, Papers & Other Publications

         This section provides links to specific articles, papers and other publications, but does not attempt to be an exhaustive list of those available at the sites mentioned in the Guide. The Protection and Indemnity (P & I) Clubs for instance are an exceptional source of articles and publications on virtually all aspects of maritime law. Similarly, the United States Government sites and the International Organization sites provide much substantive material in their respective areas. See also the focused Admiralty and Maritime Law sites listed on the Law Guides page. The online publications of the following law firms traditionally include significant maritime law related articles:

    Carter, Ledyard & Milburn
    Clyde & Co.
    Healy & Baillie
    Hill Taylor Dickinson
    Holland & Knight
    Holman Fenwick & Willan
    Richards Butler

    "Maritime Law"
    Professor Nicholas J. Healy's Encyclopedia Britannica article on Admiralty and Maritime Law. This is once again a fee site that does however provide for a free trial registration period. The Encyclopedia also contains articles on the "Carriage of Goods" (Professor A.N. Yiannopoulos) and "Marine Insurance" (Mark R. Greene). 

    Meeting the Homeland Security Challenge:
    A Principled Strategy for a Balanced and Practical Response
    Admiral James M. Loy & Captain Robert G. Ross, USCG

    Homeland Security Is a Coast Guard Mission
    Commander Stephen E. Flynn, USCG

    Bolstering the Maritime Weak Link
    Commander Stephen E. Flynn, USCG

    "Jurisdiction and Practice of the Admiralty Court Revisited"
    Frank L. Wiswall. An article comparing the development of admiralty jurisdiction in the United States, Australia and England over the past quarter-century.

    "Cases of Admiralty and Maritime Jurisdiction"
    The Congressional Research Office's hyper-text annotations to the United States Constitution's grant of Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction under Article III.

    "Jurisdiction Over Non-US Individuals and Entities"
    Professor Paul R. Dubinsky. Explanation of the US legal principles concerning the exercise of jurisdiction over foreign entities in US courts.

    Guide to Maritime Arbitration in New York
    Society of Maritime Arbitrators (SMA). A guide to the fundamental issues involved in arbitrating maritime disputes in New York.

    Arbitration & The Courts: Some Recent American Cases"
    Charles S. Haight, Jr., Senior United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York.

    Maritime Claims Reference Manual
    Department of Defense. This manual covers in detail the law of the sea claims of all countries with respect to the territorial sea, contiguous zone, exclusive economic zone, maritime boundaries, etc. 

    Compilation of Shipping Laws
    United States Maritime Administration (MARAD). A 400 page compilation of United States shipping laws in .pdf format.

    "By the Capes-A Primer on US Coastwise Laws"
    MARAD. A review of US legislation (including the "Jones Act") that encourages the development of the US merchant fleet.

    Double-Hull Tanker Legislation: An Assessment of OPA 1990
    National Research Council. The Executive Summary of a committee report on the effectiveness of the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) of 1990.

    International Oil Pollution Fund Claims Manuals
    International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds. The Claims Manuals have been prepared as practical guides to presenting claims against the Compensation Funds. Each Manual briefly describes the organisation, the legal background, what types of claims are considered admissible and how to present a claim.

    Oceans & Coastal Resources: A Briefing Book
    Congressional Research Service. An excellent source of briefing papers written by staff members of the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Cogress. Topics covered include: marine pollution, the law of the sea, mineral & energy resources and living marine resources. See also the National Council for Science and the Environment parent site.

    USCG Marine Safety Manual
    United States Coast Guard. The Manual covers: material inspections, marine personnel, technical, investigations, ports and waterways activities, environmental protection, and interagency agreements/acronyms.

    Judge Advocate General (JAG) Manual-Admiralty Claims
    US Navy Judge Advocate General. The Admiralty Claims section of the JAG Manual summarizes the law of admiralty claims from the perspective of the US Navy.

    Judges' Benchbook: Longshore and Harbor Workers' Act
    U.S. Department of Labor. This benchbook is designed to serve as the primary research reference for the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.

    USCG Auxiliary Federal Requirements for Recreational Boaters
    This publication covers Federal regulations concerning recreational boating, including: registration & documentation, Coast Guard boarding policy, boating under the influence (intoxication), reporting boating accidents, negligent operation, equipment requirements, operating procedures, and safety and survival tips.

    "The Cruise Passenger's Rights and Remedies"
    Thomas Dickerson.

    Flags of Convenience
    A summary of the issue of flags of convenience, with links to other resources provided by the Internation Transport Workers Federation.

    Ship Captain's Medical Guide
    UK Maritime & Coast Guard Agency. The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide is primarily intended for use on ships not carrying a doctor. 

    "Salvage and Recreational Vessels"
    Andrew Anderson. This is an extensive law review article on the law of salvage as it relates to recreational boating. 

    "Drug Testing"
    Capt. Alan E. Spears. A short article that reviews the US Coast Guard's drug testing regulations. See also, the web site of a company that assists marine operators in complying with the Coast Guard's drug testing regulations. 

    "Criminalization of Maritime Activities"
    Charles M. Davis. A thorough review of the various maritime statutes that carry a criminal penalty.

    Judicial Assistance
    US Department of State. This is helpful guide to individual articles on various laws and conventions concerning transnational litigation, including: letters rogatory/letters of request, service of process abroad, taking evidence abroad, authentication of documents abroad and enforcement of foreign judgments. The guide also has individual country sections. 

    "Rule B Maritime Attachment and Garnishment under US Law"
    Richard McAlpin. An article from the Maritime Advocate on the basics of maritime attachment in the United States. 

    "Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act"
    US Department of State. A review of US theory and practice concerning the immunity from suit of foreign governmental entities. 

    "The Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens (FNC) in the US"
    US Department of State. An article that explains the FNC (or inconvenient forum) doctrine, which is particularly relevant in the admiralty and maritime context when bringing suit against foreign parties in US courts.

    Chartering Terms
    Plimsoll Shipping. A glossary of charter party terms and abbreviations. 

    GENCON Form 1994
    British Marine Insurance. An article discussing changes made by BIMCO to the GENCON charter party form in 1994.

    Charter Parties
    MARSK. A self paced learning program concerning the legal aspects of charter parties. 

    Legal Issues: Marine Fuels
    Richard Bracken, Jane Greenshields and Thya Kathiravel. Addresses the legal issues arising from supplying bunkers, including the obligation of time charterers and the liability of the vessel owner.

    "A Comparative Analysis of English and American Law Regarding the Identity of Carrier"
    Richard Whittle. A dissertation concerning the identity of carrier issue under charter parties.

    International Trade and Transportation Glossary
    United Shipping. A glossary of terms and information concerning international trade issues.

    "Legal Commentary on the Clauses in Standard Trading Conditions" This is a detailed commentary by attorneys on the standard freight forwarding terms and conditions.

    "FOB and CIF Contracts"
    Paul Evans. Discusses the meaning of FOB and CIF contracts under American, Australian and English law. 

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