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    Australian Maritime Safety Authority
    This government site provides significant information and links to the relevant Australian shipping and navigation laws.

    Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand
    Formed in 1974 with members from both Australia and New Zealand. The site provides the Association's newsletters and journal articles.

    University of Queensland
    Centre for Maritime Law


    Centro de Instrução Almirante Braz de Aguiar- Direito Marítimo
    A collection of links concerning maritime law from this Brazilian organization.


    University of Antwerp
    European Institute of Maritime and Transport Law

    The first admiralty and maritime law site. An exceptional site with an emphasis on the law of Canada. Recent Canadian cases in virtually all areas of maritime law are summarized and archived. 

    The Association of Maritime Arbitrators of Canada (AMAC)
    This site includes a Report of Cases page and articles on maritime law topics.

    Canadian Coast Guard

    Canadian Maritime Law Association
    The Canadian Maritime Law Association was founded in 1951 and is Canada's representative to the Comite Maritime International.

    Dalhousie University School of Law
    Marine and Environmental Law Programme

    Lexpert Directory
    The Directory's section on Shipping Law with related materials.

    Tetley's Maritime and Admiralty Law
    Professor Tetley's web site is a cornucopia of articles, glossaries, notes, book excerpts and commentaries on admiralty and maritime law. Of particular note is his Glossary of Maritime Law Abbreviations, Definitions, Terms and Odds'N Ends.

    Transport Canada - Marine Acts and Regulations

    China Foreign-related Commercial and Maritime Trial
    Provides information on maritime cases and maritime courts in China.

    China Maritime Arbitration Commission
    The web site of the Commission, which is in Chinese. The Commission's rules are posted in English at a commercial site maintained by the Singapore based Arbitration Chambers.

    China's Maritime Procedure Law, 1999 
    An unofficial translation by Dr. K. X. Li at the Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce site.

    Hong Kong Trade Development Co. - Laws & Regulations
    This is an excellent web directory to sites concerning the laws of China and Hong Kong, including shipping laws and regulations.
    A general legal site for Chinese law, with a section on the maritime law of China. 

    Rolmax Law Office
    A Shanghai based law firm with online articles on various aspects of Chinese maritime law.


    Law of the Sea and Maritime Law
    Includes information on Croatian maritime law and the law of the sea.


    Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping
    Includes a Guide to Ship Registration and a section devoted to shipping legislation.

    Chrysses Demetriades & Co.
    A law firm site, which includes a summary of the Cyprus legal system and a summary of the law of Ship Registration.

    Polakis Sarris - Shipping Laws & Regulations
    Reviews the general principles of maritime law in Cyprus.


    Danish Institute of Arbitration (Copenhagen Arbitration)
    Founded in 1981 by, among other groups, the Danish Bar Association and the Association of Danish Judges.

    The Danish Shipping Agency of the Ministry of Business, which provides english translation of certain shipping legislation and regulations. See also the Danish Coast Guard (Farvandsvæsenet) site.

    European Union

    Eur-Lex - The portal to European Union law
    The web site for Eurpean Union law including the Official Journal, Treaties, Legislation in force, Legislation in preparation, Case-law, Parliamentary questions and Documents of public interest


    Association Française du Droit Maritime
    The Association was formed in 1897 and is opened to all, lawyers and non-lawyers, who have an interest in maritime law.

    Chambre Arbitrale Maritime de Paris
    Chambre Arbitrale Maritime de Paris was founded in 1966 by ship-owners, shippers, insurers, ship-brokers and ship-agents. It is a private organisation, whose participating members are groups of maritime professionals.

    Maritime and Ocean Law Center
    This University of Nantes Center specializes in ocean and coastal law.

    University of Nice
    Center for Study and Research in the Law of Maritime Activities


    Bundesamt für Seesschiffahrt und Hydrographie
    The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency is the Federal authority in Germany with responsibility for maritime matters.

    German Maritime Arbitration Association
    The Association was organized in 1983 by members of the shipping trade and maritime lawyers from Hamburg and Bremen. They were motivated by the then strong criticism of the effectiveness and the costs of arbitration proceedings in London.

    Seevölkerrecht und Seehandelsrecht
    Law of the Sea / Maritime Law

    University of Hamburg
    Institute of Maritime Law and the Law of the Sea


    Ministry of Mercantile Marine


    Indian Council of Arbitration
    The Council provides services for commercial arbitration, including maritime matters. 

    Maritime Practice in India
    A site devoted to the maritime law of India.


    Conway Kelleher & Tobin
    A short article discussing the maritime law of Ireland via the International Centre for Commercial Law.


    Associazione italiana di diritto marittimo
    The home page for the Maritime Law Association of Italy.

    Diritto dei trasporti e della navigazione
    A comprehensive site on Italian maritime and transportation law.  An English translation is provided for some content.

    Capitanerie di Porto - Guardia Costiera
    This government site includes relevant regulatory and legislative information, some in English.

    InforMare - Laws & Regulations
    Includes a database of Italian shipping laws.


    Japan Coast Guard
    Responsibilities include search and rescue, the marine environment, navigation charts & publications and aids to navigation.

    The Japan Shipping Exchange
    Since 1921 the Shipping Exchange has been serving the shipping industry by administrating maritime arbitration, drafting and promulgating maritime contract forms and publishing in-depth analysis on shipping and logistics.  The site includes a "Laws of Japan" section.

    Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commission
    The Commission's site includes the Arbitration Rules, Arbitration Awards and a directory of arbitrators.

    New Zealand

    Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand
    Formed in 1974 with members from both Australia and New Zealand. The site provides the Association's newsletters and journal articles.

    New Zealand Maritime Law
    This is an excellent site maintained by Paul Myburgh of the University of Auckland. It includes copies of the relevant statutes and the latest New Zealand maritime law cases. 

    Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand
    A government entity established in 1993 to promote a safe maritime environment and provide effective marine pollution prevention and an effective marine oil pollution response system. 


    Norwegian Marine Insurance Plan

    Norwegian Shipbrokers' Association

    University of Oslo
    Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law.


    Carreira Pitti P.C.
    Provides information concerning the maritime law of Panama, including print articles on vessel arrests, cargo claims, vessel registration, and formation of corporations. The articles must be ordered via the web site.

    Pardini & Associates
    A law firm with an admiralty practice that provides the Panama Admiralty Law Report.


    Direito Marítimo e Direito do Mar (Beja Polytechnic)
    A concise guide to maritime law resources on the Internet, with an emphasis on Portugal.

    Instituto Marítimo - Portuário
    South Africa

    Maritime Law Association of South Africa
    The South African MLA was formed in the early 1970s and is the professional association of maritime lawyers in South Africa.

    Shepstone and Wylie
    A law firm site that provides extensive information on the maritime law of South Africa.

    University of Cape Town, Marine & Shipping Law
    The Marine & Shipping Home Port of the University of Cape Town's law faculty, which provides marine and shipping law research materials.

    South Korea

    Korea Maritime Law Association

    Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
    This government site includes significant content in English, including the text of the major Soth Korean maritime laws.


    Articles on Spanish maritime law from this Spainish law firm via the International Centre for Commercial Law.


    Johnsson & Johnson
    An article summarizing the maritime law of Sweden via the International Centre for Commercial Law.

    University of Stockholm
    Institute of Maritime and Transportation Law.

    The Swedish Maritime Administration is a government agency that works to keep the sea lanes open and safe.

    Swedish Shipbrokers' Association
    United Kingdom

    Admiralty Solicitors Group, City of London
    The Admiralty Solicitors Group was formed in 1972 to promote and preserve standards in the practice of London Maritime Law. 

    A Guide to the U.K. Legal System
    Sarah Carter at This is an excellent narrative introduction to the U.K. legal system with links to the primary online sources. 

    British Maritime Law Association
    The British Maritime Law Association was founded in 1908. The Association acts as an adviser to the U.K. Government on matters concerning maritime legislation and regulation and co-operates with the CMI in researching and drafting international conventions.

    Elborne Mitchell - Insurance and Shipping Judgments
    This law firm provides digests of insurance and shipping judgments. 

    Her Majesty's Stationary Office
    Provides the full text of United Kingdom legislation.

    London Maritime Arbitrators Association
    The London Maritime Arbitrators Association is an association of practising maritime arbitrators founded in 1960. The site includes a link to the text of the Arbitration Act of 1996.

    The Maritime and Coastguard Agency
    See the Guidance and Regulations page for links to the relevant publications and regulations of this government agency.

    The Shipping Case Index, a reference guide to over 1,000 selected English Court admiralty and maritime law related decisions together with links to other useful websites.

    Shipping & Transport Case Notes
    This is a case note service provided by arbitrator David Martin-Clark  that includes shipping cases from England and Singapore.

    UK Coastal Zone Law Web Site
    A comprehensive site devoted to coastal zone law issues, including links, cases and notes on various aspects of the law.

    University of London
    The London Shipping Law Centre

    University of Southampton, Institute of Maritime Law
    The Institute is the largest center in the United Kingdom for the study of maritime law and for teaching, research and consultancy in the subject. A lengthy list of maritime law related links is provided.

    Waltons and Morse - Insurance Resources
    Includes a link to a page with firm bulletins on various marine insurance and shipping issues. 


    Asociación Venezolana de Derecho Marítimo
    The Venezuelan Association of Maritime Law was founded in 1978 and is open to those interested in maritime law.

    Sabatino Pizzalonte
    A law firm site that includes a significant number of articles and publications on shipping law in Venezuela.

    Various Countries

    International Law Office
    This site presents newsletters by law firms around the world. The Shipping/Transport section includes newsletters from firms in Australia, France, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.

    Seaman's Rights
    A guide from the Center for Seafarers' Rights of the Seaman's Church Institute that outlines the rights of merchant mariners under the laws of a number of countries, including Liberia, Malta, the Bahamas, the Philippines and Norway.

    See also the International Law section of the Law Guides page for links to general law sites indexed by country.

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