The Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide includes over 1,500 annotated links to admiralty law resources on the Internet and a growing database of admiralty case digests, opinions and international maritime conventions. The emphasis is on the law of the United States and the focus is on Internet resources that can be used in an effective and practical manner by admiralty attorneys and maritime professionals. Internet sites that are notably comprehensive in their treatment of admiralty law or a related area are marked withflags. The Guide is affiliated with the WWW Virtual Library, which is the original web directory on the Internet.

     The Guide aims to be a comprehensive research source for admiralty and maritime law on the Internet and has been recognized by the Cornell Law Library as an "all-encompassing site [that] is a useful bookmark for any user interested in the study and practice of maritime and admiralty law."  It has also been cited as a research source by the National Transportation Library, the American Society of International Law, the Social Science Information Gateway and the University of Colorado Law Library, among others. The PBS series Frontline in an online resource section for its program "The Lawless Sea" noted that the Guide "offers a wide range of information on maritime law" and is "an excellent guide to international regulations and agreements." 

     The author is Todd Kenyon, B.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison; J.D., Syracuse University; L.L.M. in Admiralty, Tulane University. He is an admiralty attorney and member of the law firm Betancourt, Van Hemmen, Greco & Kenyon


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