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  • United States Supreme Court  

    United States Supreme Court
    This is the Supreme Court's web site. The Court's calendar, rules and other information are available, with  opinions available from the last several years. For earlier opinions, see Findlaw's Supreme Court page and opinion database from 1893 to present and the Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII) database of opinions from 1990. For Supreme Court news, see the Findlaw-Washington Post Supreme Court Center, with links to opinions and briefs filed with the Court. For similar information, see also the ABA's Supreme Court Preview and Northwestern's On The Docket. The United States Solicitor General maintains a growing database of briefs filed on behalf of the United States categorized by subject, including "Admiralty and Maritime."

    United States Circuit Courts of Appeal

         Listed below are the Circuit Court of Appeals web sites, with alternate sites that also include Circuit Court of Appeals opinions: 


    First Circuit
    Court Site - Emory - Findlaw

    Second Circuit
    Court Site - Findlaw

    Third Circuit
    Court Site - Findlaw

    Fourth Circuit
    Court Site - Emory - Findlaw

    Fifth Circuit
    Court Site - Findlaw

    Sixth Circuit
    Court Site - Findlaw

    Seventh Circuit
    Court Site - Findlaw

    Eighth Circuit
    Court Site - Findlaw

    Ninth Circuit
    Court Site - Findlaw

    Tenth Circuit
    Court Site - Washburn - Findlaw

    Eleventh Circuit
    Court Site - Emory - Findlaw

    D.C. Circuit
    Court Site - Georgetown - Findlaw

    Federal Circuit
    Court Site - Emory - Findlaw

    United States District Courts

    United States District Courts
    A index of District Court (and Circuit Court) web sites from the Adminstrative Office of the US Courts. Most sites post court rules, some include opinions. See also Findlaw's and Cornell's guides to all Federal District Court sites. The Federal Judiciary Home Page includes a review entitled "Understanding the Federal Courts."

    State Courts

    State Court Directory
    The web site directory of the National Center for State Courts.  See also Cornell's guide to state legal resources, including court systems and opinions, and Findlaw's guide to state legal resources.

    Court Directories

    National Law Journal: Finding Court Opinions
    A very well done list of federal and state court web sites that include opinions.

    FindLaw - Cases and Codes
    The main index page for FindLaw's directory of federal and state resources, including its database of selected federal and state court opinions.

    LexisOne - Free Case Law
    LexisOne is a free service from Lexis that offers Supreme Court cases from 1790 and selected federal and state cases from January 1, 1996. Registration is required.

    Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts. A fee is charged.

    Legal Dockets Online
    This site provides links to federal and state court sites that contain case docket information. 

    Court Rules, Forms & Dockets The definitive directory of individual court rules (federal and state) available on the internet, along with forms and docket information.

    Findlaw Court Forms
    Findlaw makes available at one site a large selection of federal and state court forms. The forms can be downloaded in .pdf format and printed. 

    U.S. Court Forms publishes over 40,000 unique state and federal court forms. The forms are indexed by state and federal jurisdiction. 

    See the Court Rules section of the Codes/Rules page of this Guide for additional information.
    Jury Instructions (Admiralty) 

    Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Pattern Jury Instructions (2004)
    Seaman Status -  Vessel Status - Jones Act (Negligence) - Unseaworthiness - Maintenance & Cure - Loss of Society - Causation - Contributory Negligence -  Damages - Punitive Damages - Loss of Future Earnings - Section 905(b) Longshore & Harbor Workers' Act - Longshore Status - Section 905(b) Negligence

    Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Model Civil Jury Instructions (2004)
    Jones Act Negligence (Elements and Burden of Proof/Affirmative Defense) - Jones Act Negligence Defined - Jones Act Proximate Causation - Plaintiff's Compliance with Defendant's Directions - Unseaworthiness Claim (Elements and Burden of Proof/Affirmative Defense) - Unseaworthiness Defined -  Unseaworthiness Proximate Causation - Damages and Burden of Proof - Plaintiff's Negligence - Maintenance & Cure (Willful or Arbitrary Refusal to Pay)

    Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Pattern Jury Instructions (2004)
    Jones Act - Unseaworthiness - Comparative Negligence - Seaman Status - Vessel Status - Jones Act Legal Cause -  Unseaworthiness Legal Cause -  Damages - Punitive Damages -  Maintenance & Cure - Willful and Arbitrary Refusal to Pay

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